2015: UC San francisco WINNERS

ESTUARY - Honor Award


San Francisco, CA

Project Architects: Brendan Connolly, Dioni Rey & Martha Cox
Project Landscape Architect: Susanna Burrows
Engineers: David Mead & Allan Montpellier, PAE Consulting Engineers

Energy Performance Documentation
Design Board

Conspicuous Consumption - Honor Award


Weber Thompson
Seattle, WA

Project manager, designer: Kirsten Clemens
Project designers: Cody Lodi & John Stout
Research and design assist: Rebecca Reinhold
Project mentors: Myer Harrell & Amanda Keating
Principal in charge: Scott Thompson
Energy consultant: James Saywell, WSP
Renewable Energy specialist: Claire McKenna, WSP
MEP engineer: Tom Marseille, WSP

Energy Performance Documentation
Design Board

ALVEO - Citation Award


AXIS Architecture + Design and EBS Consultants
San Francisco, CA_

Architect: AXIS Architecture + Design: (Cory Creath, Byung Kang, Jiamin Liang)
Energy Engineer: EBS Consultants ( Michael Hummel, Will Gorrissen, Derek Wong, Nicol Berinstein, Hushian He)
Landscape Designer: GLS Landscape/Architecture (Gary Strang)
Structural Engineer: DCI Engineers (Jeff Brink)

Energy Performance Documentation
Design Board

ZERO eMission - Special Recognition Award


BAR Architects
San Francisco, CA

BAR Architect:
Mark Kelly
Tom Nelson
Stephanie Amend
Zach Prowda
Jung Suh
Jestin Wolin
Dino Vajarca
Alessandra Jones
Nicolette Mastrangelo
Cynthia Strawn

MEP Engineer, daylighting, and energy analysis:
Andrea Traber
Neil Bulger
Michael Martinez

Energy Performance Documentation
Design Board

Transformer - Citation Award


University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

Project analyser ; designer: Guande Wu
Main project designer: Michael Zhao

Energy Performance Documentation
Design Board

Breeze Block - Citation Award


Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

Design Leads: Peter Williamson & Emily Moore
Research Lead: Shannon Hush
Visualization Lead: Henry Gao
Representation Lead: Christopher Ray
Design Consultant: Octavio Guitierrez, Solomon Cordwell Buenz
Energy Modeling Consultant: Duane Carter, Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Energy Performance Documentation
Design Board