UPDATEs ADDED 07-18-16

1. Q:  What is the dwg measurement unit and is the contour line in feet or inches on the CAD map?

A: The drawing was imported to CAD from GIS with an insertion scale of inches. The contour lines are at a 5 feet interval.   

2. Q: Where can I find the climate and weather conditions for San Francisco?

But remember this site is characterized by fog and wind much of the year.

3. Q: Where can I find the building codes for California?

A: The current building codes can be found at http://www.bsc.ca.gov/ but you will be judged on overall design and should just adhere to common building best practices.

4. Q: We are a group of students with one professional how should we register?

A:  If the professional is only advising, you should register as a student team which is free and list the professional as the adviser. If the professional is the primary designer, you must register as a professional entry.

5. Q: I am a student from India can I register?
A: The competition is open to students and professionals anywhere in the world.

6. Q: Can I add a ramp for vehicular accessibility?
A: You are free to add any design elements as long as you adhere to the guidelines provided

Design Challenge

1. Q: I am working on the ZNE project in another location. Can I submit this project?

A: No, all entries must address the competition brief and be specific to the San Francisco State University site.

2. Q: I’m wondering if it is okay to make a concept plan that stretches over the boundaries of the site?

A: Please limit the concept plans to the defined competition site.

3. Q: There are clearly defined street grids and sites which are program specific, including street-defined parcels. Is the alteration or moving of roads, parcels and program elements restricted?

A: Yes.

4. Q: Does the zero net energy district plan need to connect with existing energy systems on campus?

A:  For the purposes of this competition, a district energy plan should be considered a “stand alone” plan and does not need to connect with existing energy systems on the campus.

Technical Information

1. Q: How much energy calculation do I need to do? Do I need an engineer to help me with the technical side of the competition?

A: While we encourage entrants to work with students or professionals in other disciplines, entrants are not required to have the help of engineers when designing their projects. We suggest that entrants challenge themselves to do as much calculation as possible but recognize that the level of comfort with energy modeling and performance documentation will vary greatly from entrant to entrant.

2. Q: What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and how is it calculated?

A: SHGC is a number between 0 and 1 that indicates the fraction of solar radiation that travels into the interior space. Typically this value is given by the window manufacturer. One place to start looking for more information is http://www.efficientwindows.org/shgc.php.

3. Q: How should the square footage be measured (i.e. square footage of conditioned space, programmed space, square footage of the site, etc)?

A: Please use conditioned floor area.

Eligibility and Submittals

1. Q: I want to enter the competition as part of a team. Is this allowed? How do I indicate this in my entry?

A: You are allowed and encouraged to enter as a team. Please indicate the names of your team members in the appropriate field on the Design Team Spreadsheet Form. The information on this form will be used to list all collaborators will be credited in the case of an award.

2. Q: As a faculty member at a university, we are planning to have student teams register in the student category. How should these faculty or academic consultants be recognized with the competition entry?

A: Faculty members or others in the academic community assisting student teams should be listed as consultants to the project, rather than as teammates.

3. Q. Are past winners eligible to apply?

A. Yes.

4. Q: I am no longer a full-time student, but graduated this year and am currently unemployed. Can I still enter?

A: Yes, as long as you have proof that you were a full-time student within or after the 2016 calendar year.

5. Q: I am taking time off from grad school to work at a startup - am I still eligible to participate in this contest?

A: Yes, the competition is open to everyone.

6. Q: Our lead designer for our team is a registered Architect in another state. Is there any requirement to have a California licensed architect?

A: No license is required.

7. Q: Is the graphic of the board layout an example or is it required to follow the exact layout shown, including title block?

A: You are required to follow the board layout graphic when formatting your submissions. This includes all text featured on the graphic example as well. However, if you would like to add an additional drawing or rendering to a specific section of the competition board (and it is specific in nature to the corresponding section), you may do so.

8. Q: During registration, there was a section about work information. I want to attend to this competition as an individual but it seems that I should provide some work information. (Company name, address, ... ). Could you please let me know how can I attend to this competition as an individual designer?

A: Simply fill in the required fields as if you are the company representative. This information is for registration purposes only.

9. Q: By registering for the competition will I receive additional information needed to complete the requirements of the competition?

A: No. All necessary information to complete the competition requirements can be found on the website. We will send out any updates and reminders about deadlines.

10. Q: I can’t find the instructions for submitting my files. How do I submit my entry?

A. All entrants will be required to create a username to log on to the registration and submission page. Full submission instructions are detailed there. If you lose your username please email:info@architectureatzero.com

11. Q: Can candidates pay the registration fee any time before October 28th? Or do they need to pay the registration fee upfront?

A: You must pay for your registration fee or complete the registration form by September 30th. All registrations must be in by September 30th and all entry materials need to be submitted by October 28th.